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Deploying recommended “good practice” configuration profiles to manage the Microsoft Edge browser

12th December 2022

Aim: Be aware of “good practice” guidance when deploying Microsoft Edge browser settings to Windows 10 devices using Intune. 

You can use either Administrative templates type or Settings catalog type configuration profiles to manage the Microsoft Edge browser settings. 

When deploying Microsoft Edge browser settings, consider which ones you want to deploy to 1:1 or shared device scenarios then decide whether a given setting is appropriate in the device or user context and whether you want to allow end users to override your pre-set configuration. 

Some recommended Edge settings for 1:1 student devices: 

  • Configure the home page URL (set URL) 
  • Enable favorites bar (Enabled) 
  • Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (Enabled) 
  • Enable implicit sign-in (Enabled) 
  • Enable saving passwords to the password manager (Enabled) 
  • Configure Edge TyposquattingChecker (Enabled) 

You can set these from the Endpoint Manager admin center, navigating to Devices > Configuration Profiles > (Add > Windows 10 and later > Settings catalog) to search for the settings related to Microsoft Edge. 


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