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7. Using Group Policy analytics to help import existing Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

16th January 2023

Aim: To understand that Intune provides tools to import your existing Group Policy Object settings. 

Microsoft Intune supports many of the same settings as your on-premises Group Policy Objects (GPOs).   

If your organization uses on-premises GPOs to configure Windows, the Group Policy analytics tool in Microsoft Intune can analyse your exported on-premises GPOs to: 

  • Show the settings that are supported by Microsoft Intune and other cloud-based MDM providers, based on the Windows build. 
  • Show any deprecated settings, or settings not available. 
  • Quickly migrate your exported GPOs to an Intune “settings catalog” type configuration profile to deploy to your devices. 

Note some older settings aren’t supported or don’t apply to cloud native Windows devices. After the tool analyses your GPOs, you’ll know which settings can automatically be imported.