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Management of Devices with Intune

A 1:1 programme makes efficient deployment and management of devices even more important. Below we consider different ways this can be done. 

What is Autopilot

Windows Autopilot is a feature of Intune. It allows new devices to be shipped straight to staff without the IT Department having to configure them. The vendor provides the IT team with a list of unique IDs for each device to import into Intune. By using the unique IDs, devices can be assigned to users and groups, and appropriate configuration settings being applied via the Intune console. The devices do not even need to be delivered to the school; they can be delivered directly to the end-user. When turned on,  connecting to the Internet, and the user signing in, they will be configured wherever they are located. The devices are then ready for use and can be managed and updated remotely until the end of their life.

Intune for Education

 Intune for education is a version specifically designed for schools, being more straightforward and easier to use. If the institution does not have a dedicated IT department or professional, this simplified version allows the core function of deployment to be carried out by novices. Similar device enrolment and management are possible as with the standard Intune product.