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The Microsoft Power Platform is a group of three applications that provide a suite from which to build applications without coding or the specialised knowledge of a developer – what is sometimes called a no-code approach to software development.

Each product can be used to develop solutions that:

  • Analyse data using visualisations.
  • Automate administrative and repetitive processes.
  • Build mobile applications to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of staff.

The Power Platform suite has simple interfaces accessible by average users, reducing the need for IT resources within the organisation.

The three Power Platform applications we looked at here are:

  • Power BI – which is used to analyse data from different data sources
  • Power Apps – which assists in building mobile apps for internal organisational use. For example, logging an incident on school premises,  or requesting an approval
  • Power Automate – which automates workflows and reduces manual tasks that can be time-consuming.