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What Education needs from Technology

28th March 2022
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Requirement for resilience and flexibility

The education system needs technology to be resilient while providing students flexibility; requirements heightened by the pandemic forcing remote teaching. These needs will become increasingly important as education seeks to develop personalised learning.

Challenges facing teachers and lecturers

Personalised learning is where curriculum and classroom is not “one size to fit all” bur instead seeks to meet the strengths, needs, and interests of each student. This approach attempts to accommodate the different pace of learning among the groups while keeping all on track to meet the required standards.

Perceived solutions and equity for students

Students need to learn technology skills to succeed in school and later in life. To gain these skills student need:

  • access to learning materials  
  • reliable tools to maintain a focus on learning. 
  • ability to create and collaborate with other students and teachers, both securely and at scale