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Microsoft Forms For Self-Marking Quizzes

29th March 2022
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Educators Save time with Self-Marking Quiz

Microsoft Forms is one way Office 365 can save teachers’ time. It is an online survey application with a quiz option to allow the quick creation of self-marking tests. A quiz made in Microsoft Forms can contain a range of question types, such as multiple-choice, sorting into the correct order, or simple text questions. Once all questions have been added, the quiz can be shared with students via email, a QR code for completing on a phone, or within a Microsoft Class Team. Students completing a quiz receive immediate feedback, with correct and incorrect answers highlighted and an overall score.

Teachers view student responses in real-time in a responses tab. This summarises how the class has responded with a graphical representation of each question to help identify well-understood curriculum areas and those where knowledge and understanding are not yet secure. The response tab also shows how individual students have answered each question to give personalised feedback. All data is available to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Microsoft Forms can reduce the repetitive task of marking and allow for greater focus on other aspects of students learning and care.

Demonstration of Making a Quiz in Microsoft Forms