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Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Learning

28th March 2022
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Microsoft Class Teams is a learning hub with a variety of features for sharing resources, holding discussions, distributing learning activities, and providing student feedback. The features include:

  • Posts for class discussion
  • Praise to acknowledge and encourage file sharing through the read-only class material folder
  • Class notebook for the creation and reading of notes
  • Assignments for sending learning activities with supporting resources to students
  • Grades to access and monitor student work
  • Insights to monitor student engagement and progress.

Follow the link below to take the Online tour of what can be done in a Class Team.

See how Microsoft Teams can work in class

Class Team Assignment

Demonstration of how an educator sends students a learning task in a Microsoft Class Team.

Reading Progress – Self Directed Reading Fluency

Reading Progress is a feature to help students improve their fluency to read aloud. It sends students a text to practice reading while recording themselves using the devices’ webcam. The student then returns the recording to the the teacher. The video includes an automatic generated transcript revealing words misread, omitted, or repeated, so highlighting where the teacher needs to support the student.

Demonstration – Assignment with Reading Progress Task