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What is OneNote Class Notebook

A OneNote Class Notebook can be thought of as a ring binder, ​shared by a teacher with all students in the class.​The OneNote Class Notebook can hold an unlimited number of sections and pages. Students in the class can write and read text, insert images and other media, embed online content and, with a touch screen device and stylus/pen, draw or add handwritten notes – called inking.​

Demonstration of OneNote Class Notebook

Each Notebook is organised into section groups that allow what students can do to the pages contained:

  • Content Library – where the teacher places pages for reference. These can be read before, during, or after they are used in class but cannot be edited by students.
  • Student Notebooks – each student has a private section to keep their own personal notes. The teacher can monitor these pages, add text or voice comments, and even co-authoring content in real-time. Students can only see their own Notebooks sections and NOT those of fellow students.
  • Collaboration Space – where students can work in small or large groups, creating, sharing, and co-authoring content pages.