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Microsoft Teams is an obvious solution for many schools and colleges to move to remote and hybrid teaching quickly. Features such as organising and distributing meetings for online lessons, combined with asynchronous learning tools such as assignments, make remote teaching and learning possible. During the pandemic lockdowns, it also highlighted to the user the potential use of Microsoft Teams once institutions were able to return to classrooms.

Why keep using Microsoft Teams after Lockdown

During the pandemic, the remote online teaching experience has changed many institutional plans for using technology in education. Indeed, internal meetings, and possibly those with parents, will continue online in order to benefit from the flexibility to meet, albeit remotely, conveniently. There is also a general sense that the integration of information technology to support learning will be accelerated, and online teaching, in various formats, will increasingly become an integral part of education in the future, especially for a 1:1 device deployment.

Microsoft Teams, coupled with a 1:1 student device programme, has allowed institutions to leap forward years in terms of their technology for teaching and learning strategies.