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Microsoft is working with TA Education to provide schools, colleges and trusts free support to review their current use of technology and assist them in developing a sustainable 3-year digital transformation strategy. The purpose of the refresh programme is to inform institutions of the possibilities that Microsoft 365 presents when implementing a 21st-century teaching and learning strategy, and looks at:

  • Simplified device management by IT staff.
  • Reducing the workload of teaching and administration staff via automation.
  • Improving accessibility and learning outcomes.
  • Reducing technology costs with innovative funding models.

The programme is only available to schools that meet the funding criteria and is first-come, first-serve.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Be a school using or intending to use Office 365 as their cloud platform of choice.
  • Be Windows devices users or intending to invest in new Windows devices for staff or students.
  • Have connections and influence over a minimum of 10 individual schools, or have a case for purchasing over 100 Windows devices (e.g. 1:1 scheme),

The first phase of support is an evaluation interview designed to benchmark the current state of play in using technology to enhance teaching and learning and identify opportunities for using technology better to increase productivity and improve learning outcomes. The output from this interview phase is a report covering the area below, each with recommendations and financing options:

  • Institution Summary
  • Cloud Strategy
  • IT Support
  • Infrastructure
  • Front of Class Technology
  • Staff Devices
  • Student Devices
  • Professional Development
  • Conclusion with a suggested timeline

To find out more about how the Refresh Programme could support your client, visit the TA Education website.