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A New, Simplified, Cloud-First Windows 11 SE Device

Windows 11 SE is a new, simplified, Cloud-First edition of Windows for education, with an easier to use environment requested by teachers and IT leaders, who said they were looking for a simple, distraction-free environment so that students could focus on learning. For IT professionals, the priorities were:

  • affordability
  • automated management and deployment
  • optimal performance 24/7, all year
  • safeguarding of school data, personal identities, and devices.

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Windows 11 SE Experience

simpler environment for K8 education
  • A simple start and layout make it easy for students to find and launch applications.
  • Uses cloud-stored content that is always accessible in File Explorer.
  • IT administrators and teachers manage the devices using Intune for Education to deliver frictionless device and application deployment, ┬áprovisioning, monitoring, and cloud-based device resets.
  • IT only software deployment as applications can only be deployed by IT administrators and others with access to Intune for Education.
  • Prevention of Malware and bloatware
  • Content filtering