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Some of the advantages Windows 11 offers educational institutions include:

  • Unlocking the potential of each student with personalised learning with; access to learning materials and digital tools with scope to create and collaborate securely with students and teachers.
  • Accessibility features such as narrator, dictation, and ease of access settings allow students to personalise their experience of learning with Windows 11
  • Built-in threat protection to safeguard from cyber threats, block malware, and shield students from unsafe web content
  • Effective use with required performance through a wide range of
    cost-effective education devices, particularly those designed to be cloud-first.

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Windows 11 Desktop for Learning

Students and teachers typically have many applications open simultaneously, switching between them as they use the device. Windows 11 supports this way of working with enhanced snap assist, which helps make the most of the screen real estate.

  • Suggestions are tailored to the screen size of the device, such as placing primary content in the centre with smaller windows on either side to reference content
  • Other grid layouts to customise different grid options. – Find out more